Need a doctor in Tel Aviv?

    Our clinic provides high-quality medical care and service for both tourists and local patients

    The clinic active since May 2013, and serves thousands of patients.
    Through our emphasis on customer satisfaction, we aspire to provide all our patients with the best possible medical care and attention.
    We are opened six days a week.
    Our clinic offers up to date medical care, for kids and adults, by an expert doctors with a prestigious MD degree from the university of Tel-Aviv. We have a qualified nurse that works with us and can take care of you in your home, hotel or your clinic. We treat many satisfied patients every day, and we have plenty of experience with tourists and non-Israeli citizens, all of them were pleased with the medical and customer service.
    Laboratory tests - blood, urine, STD, stool - are being taken in our clinic or at your hotel/Airbnb the same day!
    We can arrange any test you need within 24 hours in the private hospital – Assuta. Including X-rays, CT scans, MRI, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy. We can also help you with transportation to Assuta and back home.
    There are several pharmacies within a walking distance, and since we are well known in our area – they will give us a call in case there is a problem or a shortage with one of the medication prescribed.
    Ordering an appointment with the doctor is very simple! Just call 050-5776141 from an Israeli phone, or +972-50-5776141 if you use a non-Israeli number. You will be immediately answered by our pleasant tourist care coordinator. If we can help you with your medical problem – she will book you the fastest appointment we can. Use this service 7 days a week, 7am-11pm, including weekends and holidays.
    You can also text us on WhatsApp  or send us an e-mail to dr.kordevani@gmail.com
    Our clinic is fully equipped with all the medical equipment that a modern clinic need – Blood Pressure Monitors, Pulse oximeters, Otoscope, ECG (EKG), Respiratory Peek Flow Meter, Pulmonary Spirometer, a Nebulizer for Asthma and COPD attacks, a Spacer for inhalers for toddlers and kids.

    House calls 7 days a week

    Our doctor can arrive to your hotel, apartment, Airbnb, 7 days a week including weekend and holidays. Since we are located in the center of Tel Aviv and use a motorcycle, our service is not interrupted by traffic or frequent road blocks that are very common in Tel- Aviv because of Marathons, Parades, Festivals, etc.

    During weekends, most of the pharmacies in Tel-Aviv are closed except for specific pharmacies that have a weekend duty. We will help you find the nearest open pharmacy during weekends.

    Payment and Insurance Claims
    We accept all currencies. By the end of the visit, you will be provided with a detailed letter for your insurance, including the diagnosis and the amount paid. If you made the right insurance – this letter will make sure you will be reimbursed! We recommend you to keep the receipts form the pharmacy as well, and ask your insurance for a refund for the medications that you are purchasing.
    Follow up
    If the doctor will ask to see you again for a follow up, there will be no extra charge for that visit!  We take your medical situation very seriously, and it is our duty to make sure that you overcome you illness as soon as possible, enjoy your vacation and get back home safely!
    After the visit in our clinic, feel free to contact the doctor directly at dr.kordevani@gmail.com.

    Flight arrangements
    We often see tourists that their medical condition prevents them from getting back home on their original flight. If the doctor thinks that this is the situation, we will provide you a detailed letter for the Airline Company and/or Insurance Company, with a recommendation to postpone the flight.

    We know that when you are abroad and you need a medical service, it will usually be an urgent matter.
    In order to help the tourists visiting Tel Aviv and looking for a doctor in Tel Aviv or an open clinic in Tel aviv, we accept patients as walk-in clinic, even if you show without an appointment.

    Thank you and have a wonderful vacation in Tel Aviv!

    Call now for an immediate service in English +972-50-5776141

    Reines 18 Tel Aviv (doctor's house)
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