Bloating is the sense of abdominal fullness after meals. It is largely related to the amount of gas produced in the digestive system. We all have gastrointestinal gases. Gases are being produced by the activity of the gut bacteria that break down the food. Normal gas production by the digestive system is  around 0.5-1.5 liters of gas per day, released slowly during the day. This gas is usually odorless and include carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. However, there are situations in which the amount of gas produced by bacteria increases significantly and can reach a few liters of gas per day. This condition leads to discomfort and swelling of the belly, feeling pressure and pain, changes in the bowel habits, and so on.
    One of the reasons for this over production of gas is a deficiency of the digestive enzymes whose function is to break down the food that reaches our gut. In these conditions, the food that goes through the intestine is not being digested enough. In the large intestine, he meets the "good" bacteria that live there, dislodging the food and releasing gas residues simultaneously. This process occurs within a few hours of eating and gradually increases during the day.
    So what are the foods that make it difficult to break apart and cause gases? It turns out that these foods are mostly types of carbohydrates and fiber not digested properly, such as lactose (milk sugar), which up to 75% of the population cannot digest properly. Fructose (fruit sugar), which is found in many fruits, vegetables and honey. Fiber found in legumes (beans / peas / chickpeas / lentils), cabbage and cauliflower, onion and garlic.
    To treat this condition, it is recommended to keep a "food diary" for about a week and to examine the amount of carbohydrates listed in the menu. Mark all dairy products (including milk chocolate, butter, cheese), check for vegetables, fruits and legumes eaten during the week, and then know whether or not to reduce their consumption. Then, eat low carbohydrate and fiber foods for 2 weeks and check if your condition improves. good luck!