•      1.      Find a clinic that is close enough to your hotel or apartment in Tel Aviv. Preferably                within walking distance or short ride in a taxi.

    2.      Make sure your doctor in Tel Aviv speaks good English!

    3.      Look for a specialist!
    In Israel, Family Doctors can be just a 'simple medical school graduated doctor', with no specialty or expertise. However, the best doctors are those who became specialists in family medicine, going through extra 4 years of hard working residency in various medical fields.
    The ability of a Family Medicine specialist to solve a clinical issue is much better than any other "regular" doctor.

    4.       Which medical school did the doctor attended? It is well known that the best doctors in Israel are those who went to Israeli universities. Each year, thousands of Israelis try to be accepted to one of the 5 medical schools in Israel, but only the best 300-400 are accepted.

    5.       How many years of experience does the doctor have?

    6.       How active is the doctor's clinic? How many patients does he see every day?

    7.       What is the follow up policy?

    8.       Will you be able to contact the doctor after hours?