• We would like to inform you that on 12.10.18, the Ministry of Health received a report from a hospital in Jerusalem and the national biological laboratory about a patient who returned from Nigeria and has been diagnosed with monkey pox.

    Monkey​ P​ox is a "smallpox like" viral disease with very similar signs and symptoms, but it is different in terms of severity.

    The disease is characterized by fever, headache, muscle aches and fatigue for up to 3 days, followed by a typical rash. The disease usually lasts 14-28 days and recovery is usually spontaneous without the need of a specific treatment.  

    The disease is transmitted between animals or from animals to humans. ​Transmission between humans is very rare. 
    In case of a person who returns from Nigeria and develops the following symptoms: fever, rash, headache, muscle​ ​aches within 21 days of their return from Nigeria, the patient should be ref​​erred promptly to the nearest ER. The emergency room staff and the Health Bureau should be notified in advance to let them prepare themselves and other patients. 

    The patient should use a private vehicle only or an ambulance (not by public transport!).

    After contact with a confirmed or suspected patient, wash your hands with soap and water and perform a deep alcoholic disinfection of hands and furniture.  
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