• How to use your Lyclear cream to treat Scabies?

    Apply the product on dry, cold skin. It is recommended not to apply the product after a hot bath because the absorption of the substance into the body is increased by contact with warm skin. In this case, the material will not remain as required on the skin in the designated area for treatment.
    Apply the cream all over your body, chin, and ears downwards, paying special attention to the areas between your fingers and toes, under the fingernails and areas of the folds of your body. It is advisable to use an old toothbrush to reach the material well under the fingernails. After use, close the toothbrush firmly in a bag and throw it away.
    In treating people with immune system problems, in young children and the elderly, the product should be applied to the entire body, including the face and scalp.
    The product should be left on the body for only 8-12 hours.
    If, by accident, the treated area is washed during the treatmet, the product should be reapplied.
    It is recommended to perform additional treatment after 7 days to improve the chances of cure. In this way, insects that hatched from their eggs during the period between the treatments will be terminated by the the second treatment.