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Hospitals & ER

Emergency rooms are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Visit fee for tourist is 1549 nis (April 2022 tariff).

Please note that every visit in the ER takes at least 4 hours for minor cases, and more for more complicated cases.

Emergency rooms tend to be very crowded, so it is recommended to arrive early in the morning, around 8-9 am.
The closest hospital to Tel Aviv center is Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, but it is usualy called "Ichilov hospital".
In the south of Tel Aviv you can find Wolfson Medical Center (closer to Jaffa). This hospital serve the people of south Tel Aviv, which are usually of a lower socioeconomic status, but it has all the facilities of a modern medical center so there shouldn't be any problem visiting it.

Farther away to the east, 20-30 minutes driving, you can find Sheba Medical Center, which is the biggest medical center in Israel. This hospital has been chosen as one the 10 best hospitals in the world by newsweek magazine in 2021. This hospital is located east to the city of Ramat Gan, in a small neighborhood called "Tel-Hashomer", therfore it is often being called "Tel Hashomer Hospital".

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Known as "Ichilov Hospital"
Address: Weizman 6-10 Tel Aviv

Emergency Room is open 24/7

located in the center of Tel-Aviv

Sheba Medical Center

Known as "Tel Hashomer Hospital"
Address: Sheba Road 2, Tel Hashomer
Emergency Room is open 24/7
located 20-40 minutes driving
from Tel-Aviv center

Wolfson Medical Center

Known as "Wolfson Hospital"
Address: Ha-Lochamin 62, Holon
Emergency Room is open 24/7
located south to Tel-Aviv
in the city of Holon

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