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COVID-19 release from quarantine

At our clinic in Tel Aviv, we admit and discharge verified Corona patients (COVID-19) according to the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health. So far we have remotely treated hundreds of positive COVID 19 patients so we have a lot of experience. Admitting a positive covid-19 patient includes a phone call with the doctor, a medical background check, examination of symptoms and an assessment of whether “regular” symptomatic medication or corona-specific medications such as REMDESIVIR is needed. It should be noted that drugs such as Ivermectin, Dexamethasone, Azithromycin, Plaquenil and more have been shown to be ineffective in treating corona virus patients and we do not recommend this treatment.

Active Corona patient follow-up includes a phone call every two days and screening for active symptoms. If the doctor is under the impression that there is a significant worsening of the patient's condition - for example - severe shortness of breath, chest pain - he might recommend evacuation in an isolated ambulance for further testing in the emergency room. Corona patient discharge is performed 1-2 days before the scheduled release date, and includes a phone call to assess the remaining symptoms, whether the patient is scheduled to return to an environment of immunocompromised people or people that are in a high risk for covid-19 complications. If there are no contraindications for discharging as instructed by the Ministry of Health - a detailed release letter will be sent. The recovery letter can used later by the patient to proof his recovery with the Ministry of Health in Israel or abroad if necessary. If you are verified by Corona and are interested in an admission, follow-up or medical discharge from quarantine - please contact us on WhatsApp at 050-5776141 and send us your covid-19 positive test result so we can guide you further.


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