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Tips for Tourism in Tel Aviv

  • Remember to drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day), especially during the hot season (June to November).

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and a hat to provide protection from the sun.

  • The Waze Navigation application is very efficient in Israel. It can be used in English and other languages, and beyond the navigation to the destination, it provides real-time updates on traffic, accidents, speed cameras and other road hazards. You can use it to navigate to our doctor in Tel Aviv at Reines 18 Street.

  • If there is a language barrier in a particular place, you can use the Google translate app. It works great also in Hebrew (Although most Israelis speak reasonable English)

  • When visiting religious sites, women should wear full clothing that hides their arms and legs and upper chest.

  • Be patient! Sometimes things move slower than they do in other countries, but in the end things are being done.

  • It is recommended to taste the food wherever you visit. Israeli food is great, and the variety is outstanding. Also, try some Israeli wines. They are truly world-class!

  • When traveling by taxi – ask the driver to use the meter and while he is driving, use a map on the phone so you can see that he picks the shortest way. Taxi drivers in Israel tend to "inflate" the travel expenses of tourists. You can also use the "Gett" application – it is very useful in Tel Aviv. The route and price is monitored, and any problem can be solved later with the company's customer service.

  • It is highly recommended to apply sunscreen daily. Israel is a very sunny place. If you have forgotten sunscreen, you can find any pharmacy or supermarket.

  • It is recommended to avoid getting back from northern Israel on Saturday evening or traveling to Jerusalem on Sunday morning. The roads are very busy and you will probably spend considerable time in traffic jams.

  • It is better not to enter the sea during June-July without checking first the jellyfish situation. The jellyfish sting is not fatal but it can be very unpleasant! If you are stung, go to the lifeguard hut and ask him to rinse the place with vinegar.


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