• Our doctors can release you from quarantine in 2 occasions: 
    1. After a positive test for covid19 and the appropriate isolation time (according to the regulations of the Israeli ministry of health)
    2. After arriving from a "red" country and having proof that you have already been positive for covid19 in the past and recovered. 
    For passengers arriveg to Israel: 
    According to the new regulations in Israel,
    all the passengers arriving to Israel from "red" countries must be in quarantined for 12-14 days. 

    if the passenger has a proof that he has already had coronavirus/covid19 infection, there is no need for isolation/quarantine.

    In order to get an exclusion from quarantine, you need to have the following documentation:

    1. A lab report of positive Covid19 PCR test
    2. A lab report of negative Covid19 PCR test taken after the test that was positive
    3. Another negative Covid19 test, taken in Israel.   (this test can be performed at the airport in Israel but if you didn't manage to do it there, there are other alternatives also after getting out of the airport, some of them free of charge)
    4. After having all the 3 documents mentioned above, you can contact us and we will provide you a letter that releases you from quarantine immediately. 

    For inquiries, please text +972-50-5776141  or email

    for the official National Emergency Portal in English press here

    For FREE COVID19 test in Israel see list in this link (unfortunatley it's only in Hebrew...)