• MARCH 2021
    Isolation for international passengers arriving in Israel

    International passengers

    If you stayed in a red location – specified in the list of locations on the COVID-19 Air Travel website – within 14 days prior to arrival in Israel, you are required to go into isolation.
    Information about the option to shorten isolation

    Mandatory isolation & isolation requirements


    Recovered patients or vaccinated individuals arriving in Israel


    Passengers who recovered or were vaccinated in Israel

    You are exempt from isolation if you have recovered from COVID-19 in Israel and were registered in the Israeli Ministry of Health recovered patients database, or if you were vaccinated with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and 7 days have passed since the second dose, and if you are registered in Israeli Ministry of Health vaccinated people database.

    It is advised that recovered patients or vaccinated individuals ask their HMO for a recovery certificate or apply to the Ministry of Health for a vaccination certificate.

    If you get vaccinated with two doses in Israel, but you exit Israel before 7 full days pass after the second dose, you will have to go into Isolation when you return to Israel, but only if less than 21 days passed after receiving the second dose.

    Passengers who recovered or were vaccinated abroad

    Passengers who recovered or were vaccinated abroad must go into isolation upon arrival; but they can apply for an exemption if:

    • they take a serological test in one of the Ministry of Health accredited laboratories
    • the serological test result is positive, they must apply for an exemption from isolation by filling out the online form. Applicants must attach the positive serological test result taken in Israel, in addition to documents of any positive PCR test, antibody test or serological test taken abroad, which show infection with coronavirus or an officially certified confirmation of recovery.

    You must wait at least 10 days between testing positive for coronavirus and taking the serological test.

    You must wait for a text message (SMS) and/or e-mail confirming that you are exempt of isolation.



    People in isolation are required to report their isolation address to the Ministry of Health. Parents are required to report each child who is in isolation.
    Reporting an isolation address for inbound international passengers
    Information for inbound and outbound passengers – COVID-19 Air Travel website